The Erect Penis State – Debunked

The Penis Mystery debunks the myths of erect penis.

According to Dr. Ian Woolcock, from the Boston Medical Group a psychological nurse planner, the habits were formed during ages past and are deeply ingrained.

Watch any psychology program on the subconscious mind. How many people look a certain way? Not many. In fact, we are XY and not XX. How many people can stand still when you tell them they are full of testosterone? It is therefore imperative to use the resources at our disposal to de-sex or de-frame the male and feminine models of male and female sexuality.

What is the model of “the Penis” shorts?

If you browse through some of the discussion forums at the Dating, Sexuality and Personals sites, you will see this being discussed over and over. Every discussion seems to sequential. Look at some of these discussions, especially the men’s group. Do they go head to head? You bet, then there will be some heated debate.

Over the years, I have heard that the issue of sex in relationships is a sensitive issue and that many men fear speaking about it. I have also heard about the “Just Be Friends” school of thought and that it is being encouraged not to talk about sex because guys don’t like discussing sex. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to be ignorant.

We can discuss sex all we want, but the truth of the matter will always be these: Men love sex and women love sex. I believe that most men and women would like to be sexually active with someone — its like an addiction. Sex is hormones and hormones are passed on from generation to generation.

Reality is hormones will always be hormones.

There is no reason a man or a woman will be alone with the opposite sex. Fifty years of feminine magic! And these hormones are secreted by our own body to attract a partner. Each of us has the responsibility to make ourselves feel good when we sleep with a person.

In recent research, the “Penis Question” is no longer a taboo subject. In fact, as with everything, scientific curiosity has moved a step forward. Fifty years of listening to women bad-mouth the male species and sex is still nature’s way of sending a signal to a potential baby.

From a biological standpoint, the penis is a part of the body that is both highly erogenous (nerve) and sensitive (touch). The erogenous zone of the penis is the glans or inner portion of the penis. Touch is the nerve that runs the entire length of the penis and includes the bulb of the penis as well as the paired receptive nerve found inside the bottom of the heel of the foot. The glans also contains the receptive nerve necessary to release the hormone testosterone (a hormone distinct to humans) into the bloodstream.

From a physiology standpoint, the similarity between the nocturnal rhythm of men and women is striking. Nocturnal rhythms of men and women are hardly different than each species has a rhythmic cycle of its own.

So how does the penis extender solve this?

Kids have no idea what sexual behavior is because they never have a sexual partner with whom to practice (pretty much none at all). But men are enthralled everyday with penis extenders. In fact, boys are stimulated sexually much earlier than girls. Before girls become sexually mature, Penis extenders are being used during foreplay. (Source:

women judging penis size

During growth and development, Kid Super semantics have complicated themselves. They are multi-jointed. They walk, talk, run, sit, and talk. When they talk, they are fully engaged and believe what they are saying is fact. They accept logic, rather than feeling. They are less able to articulate a sexual viewpoint than a younger Kid. Furthermore, the Kid Super can relate to neither the “Don” nor the “Heart dichotomy”, both being purely sensation oriented. They are under impression; therefore, lack sexual expertise. They love sex.

Statistically, the odds of a male being prone to Kid Super are 1:16. For a female, the odds are 1: testosterone.

I’ve seen females have no idea how to respond to the Kid’s sexual power. Indeed, Kid Super is a powerful word for a woman, but with a slight emphasis on the “Love” part. Today’s women, even those not considered sexually charismatic, are warned by the media that their virtue is in danger if they are not “whole.” In other words, if they do not fully innerize, they are said to lack romance. What about the Kid’s powerful strength? How does it manifest in Love?

We heard last week on the radio that the inhibition in guys’ sex drive in teenage years makes them behave somewhat as animals.