Dating Phone Call Rules For Women

If you are dating a man or are interested in a man, use your phone to your advantage! Whether you are shy or whether you are playing hard to get, there are basic phone call rules that you should follow. At the very least, you should make a guy think of you for a little while. You can use your phone to make a guy like you and set up a date with one of the following phone call rules.

Show off your funny or cute aspects

Use your cultures and time differences to show off your lighter side. It is easier to be cute or funny on a Western cell phone than an Eastern one. If you can’t speak the language fluently and need to make a call in another language, let someone else take the message and do your talking for you. If you are like an ATM machine and they don’t speak English, you can use your machine language. If they are speaking English and your call comes in unintelligible words and other contexts, you need to speak up. In some areas, the telephone is the only means of communication between you and your family and friends. It is easier to do that in a language you will understand.

Give Him a Voice Mail

If he does not answer your call, leave a message stating where you are and who you are calling. Use your intuition to find out when he typically calls and plan your call. Listen to his mood. If you don’t leave him a message and he comes back to ask where he has seen or called, that is a clear sign that he wants to talk with you. Inquire about the reason for his return visit. If he says he is out of town or is having family, that is a clear sign that he wants to talk with you. You can tell if he wants to talk by his actions.

Always Seem Available

Regardless of how long you have been dating, appear as though you are always available. For certain guys, if you do not call him back, there is nothing lost for him. He does not have to chase you. You should not call him back either. He should be the one to call you. Do not take more than two or three messages from him at once unless he has exchanged numbers with you. After you have exchanged numbers, wait for him to call you back.

In case he does not call, you should not leave him a message. The odds are he is not going to call you. Give yourself a couple of days to get over the phone and never call him. That will give him a chance to call you. When he does, act as if you have just gotten an intuition that he may be interested in you. Be friendly, but not overly eager.

Use Good Conversation, specifically START with good conversation. Asking him all kinds of questions and trying to sound nosy certainly is not the way to bring up a discussion. Use a light heart to discuss topics that interest you. You could discuss a book you’ve read, or choice modern art. There is no pressure when you use good conversation starters. The question is, do you want to be nosy?