5 Techniques to Make Women Want You

Getting women to want you is not an easy task. Actually, It is one of the most difficult things, and at times, it seems so impossible to achieve. Many guys would like to get good with women simply because they like having them as their partner or spouse.

If you are one of them, and sincerely wanting to get good with women, you need to discover some of the proven technique to make women want you. It may sound easy – How to get a woman’s contact number. But In reality, a lot of men have this idea in their mind, but when they confront a woman, suddenly, they are not able to follow through.

Why so?

Simply because, women are skilled. They don’t like simple men who want for their assistance. A woman likes a man who is mysterious and strong. You may get her number, but what she needs is to talk to you and discover a lot about you. So, bear this concern and start using the techniques to win the women.

Let me remind you that getting good with women is easy. Just connect and communicate with her. The rest will simply follow.

How to make her miss you?

We, men, often make a big mistake. When we are hanging around with a woman, we often talk about nothing but destroying the rapport that we already gained her. We talk about crazy subjects, we drink too much, we ignore her, we do what guys have done for centuries, or simply we appear not interested at all, and so the whole deal is over.

The technique to attract a woman is to actually listen to her. Listen her likes and dislikes, listen her story like a patient listener, and then draw conclusions. Don’t interrupt her story and don’t try to draw conclusions. Simply listen.

How to be mysterious?

We are going to discuss later the techniques to create mystery. This is the technique to attract a woman effortlessly. If you are mysterious to her, she will ask herself “who is this guy?” It is a sophisticated technique to justify himself. Many people don’t want to reveal everything about themselves.

Many men are reaching somehow towards the men’s magazines, hoping to find out what to wear and what to say. In reality, no matter how well tailored, expensive and well polished your outfit is, if you are not mysterious to your lady, she will not read you well.

I know that for a good dentain act of being mysterious you have to pay attention to your outer appearance, but after that, it is all about being the interesting man that you are. You have to be able speak well, listen to her, keep the conversation non-formal and professional, and not bankruptcy your bank account, especially if you meet in a bar or a club. You have to look like a gentleman of course, but let her believe that you are paying close attention to her.

Now, the excellent tip is to find a pen and a paper, and write down all the thoughts you have about her. You can write about her personality, and talk about her, and especially the way she looks. You can discuss about the perfume that she uses, or her shoes and handbag. It will be great if you have aicker reference about yourself that will allow you to immediately match it with your words.